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This Italian manufactured PFPOAR800 dough divding and rounding machine can be easily used by non-specialised operators and is designed to reduce man hours and produce consistent sized rounded dough balls 


  • Dough capacity - Upper hopper will hold upto 30kg of non raised dough
  • Adjustable knife setting.
  • Capacity - holds 30kg of unleavened dough 

    Dough size - 50 to 900grams - output 700 x 250gr/hr, 350 x 500gr/hr, 200 x 900gr/hr.

  • Portion size  - from 50 up to 900 grams

  • Dimensions:  660w x 880d x 1630h

  • Cones - Supplied with 3 cones 250gr, 500gr, 900gr. Other cone options available please ring office for details.
  • Output - 700 x 250 gr/hr. 350 x 500 gr/hr or 200 x 900 gr/hr
  • Safety -  Safety switches activate when the machine is opened and is fitted with an emergency stop button
  • Supplied with Stainless steel stand for rounding machine to sit underneath
  • Rounding machine is supplied with 3 interchengeable bells to suit cone size
  • Rounding machine is supplied with castors as standard