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Single tank, Twin tank or Three tanks. 

These slush machines are designed for everyday and professional use in demanding environments. Granita machine reliably keeps temperature in conditions up to 32°C. These slush machines are designed with three, 12 litre holding tanks that allow you serve multiple flavours at once, whilst including individual controls that can be used to vary the consistency of your slush or chill drinks.

These tanks are completely removable, along with the dispensing nozzles – allowing for fast, efficient cleaning after each use. Features a powerful cooling system that will leave your slush mixture ready-to-go after just 22 minutes. Intelligent, digital controls allow you to vary temperatures and mixing speeds at the push of a button, giving you full control. Constructed from a mixture of stainless steel and APS plastic, the slush machine is easy to clean after use and durable to most wear and tear – helping to save you time and money.

  • Compact and luxurious in design
  • Advanced electronic temperature controller with a digital display that indicated the temperature of the beverages.
  • High quality in compressor and wonderful working performance
  • LED light in illumination.
  • #304 stainless steel chassis and ABS panels
  • Food-grade high density polycarbonate bowl, healthy and environmental protection.
  • Drip tray with float indicator warning when full.
  • Bowl and faucet easy to disassemble for quick cleaning and utmost hygiene.
  • Certificates available (CE, ETL, ROHS, etc)1095